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NameTitleDepartmentWork PhoneEmail
Rebecca Amy Financial Aid Counselor Office of Financial Aid 337-421-6545 rebecca.amy
Andrea Anderson Student Records Coordinator Office of Student Success 337-421-6950 andrea.anderson
Dr. Richard Ardoin Adjunct Faculty General Education 337-421-6595x4411 richard.ardoin
Rosemary August Administrative Coordinator 3 Office of Vice Chancellor of Economic and Workforce Development 337-421-6560 rosemary.august
Dr. Fitzpatrick Anyanwu Executive Director of Planning & Analysis Office of Executive Director of Planning and Analysis 337-421-6505 fitzpatrick.anyanwu
Adrienne Abel Faculty Business Technology 337-824-4811 adrienne.abel
Dr. Neil Aspinwall Chancellor Office of the Chancellor 337-421-6501 neil.aspinwall
Lawrence Arceneaux Maintenance Repairer I Office of Maintenance 337-824-4811 lawrence.arceneaux
Roy Angelle Faculty Culinary Arts and Occupations 337-421-6592 roy.angelle
Kevin Ardoin Faculty Automotive Technology 337-421-6560 kevin.ardoin
Christopher Arendt Adjunct Faculty General Education 337-421-6594 christopher.arendt
Danielle Abercrombie Faculty Practical Nursing 337-421-6594 danielle.abercrombie
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