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SOWELA has recently adopted Canvas® by Instructure as its new learning and course management system.

While some things are similar to the old Moodle-based (joule) system, Canvas offers a number of new and exciting features, such as the ability to send and receive course-related text messages via your smartphone and a new tool that will show all of your assignments and due dates from all of your Canvas courses in one easy-to-use, color-coded calendar. Canvas also has a very dynamic support system that is available to users 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Check out the information below to discover more about Canvas.

How to Log in to Canvas

To log in to Canvas, use your LoLA username and password.

Still can't log in to Canvas? Try changing your LoLA password. All password changes must be made by going to the LoLA login page and clicking on "CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD." After you change your password in LoLA, close out the browser, then reopen it before you try to log in to Canvas again.

Contacts for SOWELA Canvas

If you need help with Canvas, the following support options are available to assist you:
  • Login Problems in Canvas - Contact LoLA support by visiting the LoLA login page to acquire their contact information.
  • Help with Using Canvas - See "How to Use and Navigate Canvas" on this page.
  • Help from the Canvas 24/7 Help Desk - While on any page in Canvas, click on the "Help" link at the top right corner of your screen. Here, you can "Ask your Instructor a Question", "Search the Canvas Guides", "Report a Problem", "Canvas Support Hotline" (toll-free phone call), "Chat with Canvas Support" (live chat), or "Ask the Community" (ask a Canvas expert).
  • Problems with Specific Course Content (i.e. not seeing an assignment, not being able to access a quiz, etc.) - Contact your instructor directly. Instructor's contact information can be found in the Faculty and Staff Directory.

How to Use and Navigate Canvas

The following "How to" tutorials will assist you in using and navigating in SOWELA Canvas.

  • IT Help Guide for Students - This guide provides instructions for setting up your student email and Canvas accounts, as well as provide directions for adding your information to the SOWELA emergency call notification network.

Other Canvas Tutorials (available at Search Canvas Guides)

More Canvas Video Tutorials

Minimum Computer Requirements to Use Canvas

Information is provided on the minimum computer requirements for users to have in order for Canvas to work on your computer and/or mobile device.

Software Recommendations

The software recommendations for the following interfaces are:

Mobile App

Internet Browsers

Microsoft Programs and Office Program Viewers

Other Software Programs

General Information

Canvas can be accessed directly at


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